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Q&A With Piet Oudolf

June 08, 2011
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A longtime exhibitor at the Venice Biennale, Piet Oudolf has raised his profile in recent years, designing standout projects like New York City's High Line. We caught up with him after the publication of his newest book, Landscapes in Landscapes (Monacelli Press), a retrospective of public and private work.

Why did you include plant lists and plans? 

Photo by: Philippe Perdereau

In April 2011, a visit to Piet and Anja Oudolf’s home was an unexpected opportunity for me to watch the couple lay out a new section of garden. Piet and his family have lived in an old farmhouse at Hummelo, in eastern Netherlands, since 1982, and I have been a regular guest there since 1994. As the garden has developed and changed over the years, I have observed how every alteration reflects Piet’s ongoing evolution as a designer. This particular change entailed creating a garden from a patch of land that had been a sales area for their nursery business.