Garden Destination: Philadelphia

March 13, 2014
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Twenty first century Philadelphia straddles its historical past and the future in a way that could only happen in America’s horticultural heart. William Penn originally envisioned the city as a utopian ‘Greene Country Towne’ and the legacy of that spirit exists today. For the casual garden traveler there is still much to be found, both old and new, in the city, as well as its outlying areas. The oldest parts of Philadelphia are architecturally interesting with glimpses of private gardens and its 18th century past.

Photo by: Rob Cardillo

This was Larry Weaner’s dream job, the one he’d been preparing for all his life. The owner of a large country place near Allentown, Pennsylvania, wanted a landscape that would be beautiful, easy to maintain, and wildlife-friendly, and he was giving Weaner free rein. The designer would draw on his decades of experience creating natural gardens and his lifelong affinity for nature — a love that went back to his boyhood in urban Philadelphia, 60 miles away.

This article was first published in Garden Design September/October 2011