Outdoor Kitchens

Southern California-based landscape architect Heather Lenkin took an old driveway and mound of dirt behind one of the Los Angeles area’s oldest homes and transformed it into an outdoor living area complete with a trellised dining space, living room with fireplace, Jacuzzi, playhouse (for the homeowner’s 5-year-old twins), cutting garden and a fully stocked outdoor kitchen perfect for year-round entertaining.

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

May 23, 2012
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The owners of this Camden, Maine, home love to throw large dinner parties, so Rockport-based designer Deborah Chatfield kept the design simple. “They wanted the feeling of Tuscan loggia, so we used stone and had our cabinet maker build a long wood table,” she says. 

Slice of Heaven: Pizza Ovens

October 31, 2011
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Photo by Rob Cardillo, design by Mark Mendel and Monterey Masonry.

The 20 minutes it takes to cook a pizza in a regular oven might not seem like much of a wait, but it will feel like an eternity once you have the opportunity to flash cook a pie in an old-fashioned, wood-fired pizza oven. A Neapolitan-style pizza bakes to perfection in just less than three minutes in the traditional dome-shaped chamber, and the experience of pulling one, bubbling and crisp, from the oven is positively addictive.

Photo by: Jack Coyier

It was an outdoor pizza oven at a friend’s house that inspired Oscar-nominated film director R.J. Cutler to add one of his own to the garden behind his 1920s Spanish Colonial revival house in the Hollywood Hills. He commissioned Lory Johansson — of Just Joh, a Los Angeles-based design studio — who had already handled the home’s interior renovations.

Learn how Atlanta’s top chefs turn freshly harvested fruits and vegetables into scrumptious, healthy dishes this spring through fall at the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s beautiful new Outdoor Kitchen.

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