When Maryellen Hockensmith bought her home in the hills overlooking Portland, she considered it the chance of a lifetime. The house was a true gem — a midcentury Modern designed by Pietro Belluschi, which appeals particularly to Maryellen’s fiancé, Michael McCulloch, who is an architect. And the surrounding property was a pastoral 40 acres, literally — the former owners were sheep farmers, and the herd grazed just yards from the back door.

Botanic Notables: An Endemic Wildflower in Oregon

April 13, 2012
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To build a road, to endanger a flower—that's the controversy in southern Oregon, where botanists have identified an endemic wildflower and the U.S. Forest Service plans to open a road that runs through its habitat. This sort of negotiation is not new—defining the line that should not be crossed, as development encroaches into the natural world—but here in Oregon, the Erigeron stanselliae has a special story.

A Winter Jewel Box

December 16, 2011
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Lenten rose hybrids include a dizzying range of colors, forms and patterns. Photo by Janet Loughrey.

Now and Zen: The Portland Japanese Garden

February 01, 2010
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Some seek out the Portland Japanese Garden as an oasis, it’s true. For sure, Portland residents slip into the garden’s deep-green embrace to escape earthly cares. And absolutely, the layering of deftly sculpted form and texture — of noble stone juxtaposed against curvaceously sculpted branches — is meant to draw you away from the mundane and material onto a higher plane. But retreat isn’t all this place is about.