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Creating Long-Lasting Floral Arrangements

October 11, 2013
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A minimalist aesthetic is the hallmark of Spruce’s floral arrangements, which derive much of their beauty from their simplicity. Many of the arrangements are made to be dried and preserved.

Now that autumn has arrived, it’s time to think about salvaging the last blooms of summer before they wither away in your garden. Cut bouquets of roses, hydrangeas and other showy flowers can be preserved indoors for years if you let them dry naturally.

Saipua's Container Cutting Garden

October 26, 2012
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The front of Saipua, the flower shop owned by Sarah Ryhanen, in Red Hook, a district in Brooklyn, New York.

Rob Plattel: Dutch Master

May 02, 2012
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Rob Plattel shows seminar students at Flower School New York how to employ normally unused parts of plants to support an arrangement. 

Q&A: Debra Prinzing, Author of The 50-Mile Bouquet

April 11, 2012
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Buying local has become an overarching mind-set, not just a way to shop for groceries. In her book, The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers (St. Lynn’s Press), outdoor living expert Debra Prinzing, with photographer David Perry, documents farmers and  “eco-designers” around the United States who work with local, sustainable flowers. We asked Prinzing to preview some of the book’s big ideas.

Links We Love, 3/15/2012

March 15, 2012
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-Above: Zara opened their new New York City flagship store today. The front of the store featured amazing arches of flowering branches, which were echoed inside the store, where walls of flowering branches were installed. The outside of the store was decorated with cherry tree branches, and the inside used cherry, quince, and apple blossom branches.

Going Dutch at Dinner

November 23, 2011
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As a floral designer and stylist, I’m always on the lookout for  inspiration for my work. I never pass up an opportunity to find new ideas for arrangements or interiors; I’m constantly combing through New York’s green markets and devouring classic books and films. So when I traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands, last fall, I tore myself away from the city’s famed flowers and gardens and visited the collection of Dutch Master still lifes at the famed Rijksmuseum.

Fresh Linear Florals

October 25, 2011
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When floral designer Clover Chadwick thinks outside the box, the result is an entirely new way to live with flowers indoors and out. At her Los Angeles studio, Dandelion Ranch, Clover remembered how the wilds of America looked from the square window of her family's car. This two dimensional view became the inspiration for Garden Screens, a truly linear way to arrange plants and flowers to suit challenging spaces. Consider them a simple slice of nature.

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