Floral Arrangements

Garland Revisited: Fresh, Fun and Full

December 11, 2013
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Harlem Flo

If garland was a dessert, it’d be your grandmother’s apple pie. Always there at the holidays, always delightful, but never much different than the year before. This season, add a contemporary twist to familiar tradition with new mixed garland and creative displays.

Arrangements for All Seasons

November 08, 2013
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How do you put together an elegant floral arrangement? The same way you make a delicious meal…with a recipe. Nature offers us many flavors from fresh blooms and ornamental twigs to colorful foliage and gorgeous vines.  This holiday season while you peruse recipes for family gatherings, why not serve up a bountiful autumn arrangement alongside.

Art & Botany: Flower Mandalas

November 21, 2012
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Arizona artist Kathy Klein gathers natural materials—cones, leaves, petals—and arranges them in situ. Bougainvillea in Los Angeles and Opuntia fruit in Sedona—her subjects are distinctly local, but her arrangements are designed to be universal. She's adapted the Hindu concept of a spiritual mandala (Sanskrit for 'circle') into a series of flora danmalas (Sanskrit for 'giver of garlands'). Her sense of composition is lyrical and her colorplay is alternately soft and dramatic.

David Austin's Garden Roses

August 16, 2012
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If you want to see all eight varieties of the cut flowers, take a look at our David Austin's Garden Roses Slideshow.

Australian plants are like the ultimate self-sacrificing mother: They give and give (certain trees can reach 20 feet in just a few years and flower for six weeks or more) but ask so little in return. (Fertilizer? Rain? If you insist.) Their fantastical forms, however — including sculptural, hairy, or waxy blooms in neon colors — are anything but matronly.       

This article was first published in Garden Design July/August 2012

Growth Patterns 

July 31, 2012
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When Vic Brotherson opened her north London florist shop, Scarlet & Violet, in 2006, austerity was already creeping over Great Britain. With budgets tight, customers who ordered a bouquet of hydrangea, delphinium, and roses likely could afford only one of each. These days, Brotherson’s customers can afford a few more stems.

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