Photo by: D.A. Horchner

Once the source of drinking water for a small town near Dallas, this abandoned pumping station in Highland Park is now back in circulation. Its new incarnation, designed by landscape architects Mary Ellen Cowan of MESA and Julie Bargmann of D.I.R.T. Studio, is a postmodernist celebration of industrial architecture, a preservation of local history, and a lively combination of art space and residences. Under the impetus of the property's owner, what could have been a forlorn, derelict site has been transformed into something welcoming and inspiring.

Photo by: Tim Hursley

The Nasher Sculpture Center, in the Downtown Arts District of Dallas, Texas, is designed to showcase modern sculpture in an effort to further the study and preservation of these works. The center opened on October 20, 2003, and both indoor and outdoor exhibits include sculptures pulled from the Nasher Collection, as well as other collections throughout the world.