Art + Botany: Jenny Lee Fowler's Leaf Silhouettes

November 24, 2011
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If you take a stroll in the chilly autumn winds this Thanksgiving weekend, you'll find a really lovely landscape. On the ground are silhouettes of so many leaves collecting on the sidewalk—the gingko's fan, the oak's fingers, and the maple's peaks—and with each silhouette, the story of a tree's evolution. Artist Jenny Lee Fowler cuts portrait silhouettes of people from leaves and bark. Her paper cuttings are distinctly modern, while honoring the legacy of early American portraiture and the natural elements that are her media.

Botanic Superlatives: The World's Largest Pumpkin Festival

October 28, 2011
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For the last month or so, autumn's enthusiasts have been converging in Ludwigsburg, Germany for an annual festival. Snapshots from this year's event read like a children's storybook: a lake filled with pumpkin-boat paddlers, a feast of champagne and pumpkin strudel, and a sculpture garden of dinosaur pumpkins—all under the shadow of a seventeenth-century castle. 

Botanic Notables: Autumn Colors in a Japanese Flower Park

October 15, 2011
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When I lived in New England, we made autumn excursions to the orange and red hills of Vermont and New Hampshire. On the west coast, we get lost in corn mazes. Cooler temperatures mean that it's no longer summer, but the season still beckons us outside with fields of fiery-colored abundance. And in Japan, October is no different. Just outside Tokyo is a flower park that blooms bright in autumn. The hills are covered with Kochia scoparia (syn.