Peat Pot Easter Baskets

Peat Pot Easter Baskets

April 20, 2011
Photo by: Laurie Cinotto

These natural little Easter baskets are quick and easy to make, and you might find you already have all the needed materials on hand.  

peat basket 1

The base is a basic peat pot, the handle is bark-covered wire, and the “Easter grass” is just sphagnum moss, all easily found at your local garden or craft store.

peat basket 2

To begin, cut a 6-inch length of bark covered wire and form it into a handle.  Use an awl to carefully punch a hole in two opposite sides of a small peat pot, centering the holes near the top. 

peat basket 3

Going from the outside in, thread the ends of the wire through the holes.   Bend the wire ends to secure.

peat basket with succulent

Fill your basket with Sphagnum moss, and drop in a small, potted Echiveria, an Easter egg, or a few wrapped candies. 

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peat basket on tree

Place one at each place setting at your Easter brunch table, cluster together a few baskets of varied sizes to make a lovely spring display, or hang on your Easter tree.

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If you’ve put a plant in your pot, be sure to place a saucer beneath it before watering.

Laurie Cinotto is an art maker, decorator, craft writer, flower arranger, and kitty wrangler. She blogs at La La Laurie, co-founded Soil Gallery in Seattle, and sells her handcrafted fancy things on Etsy as La La Laurie. (And take a peek at her cute house on Design*Sponge!)