June 2012

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Garden Party
Photographer Slim Aarons once said he shot “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places,” which — as with this 1970 Palm Springs, California, party — often included gardens.Read More »
Field Recordings
Saul Becker and Stephen Vitiello have a new installation, Field Recordings—a mix of layered soundscapes and visual art, many made with botanicals electroplated with copper—at the Horticultural Society of New York thorugh July 6, 2012.Read More »
bar stools
Why do fancy chairs get to have all the fun? These three high-concept barstools not only look good, but are weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor use. Read More »
Angel Wing Begonia
Artist and florist Livia Cetti’s authentic artifice results in charming paper flowers and foliage, which are available for sale. Read More »
nigel slater garden
What’s cooking? Nigel Slater’s new book, Ripe, follows the Brit from his home orchard to his kitchen table. Plus: His recipe for blackberry focaccia! Read More »
Garden Chic
Jardins, Jardin, Paris’ avant-garde garden show, is the anti-Chelsea—it ran over the weekend, from June 1 to June 3. A quick look from The Telegraph's deputy gardening editor, Joanna Fortnam, about why she loves this French garden party.  Read More »
judy kameon tout
Our Q&A with Judy Kameon about how she gets the party started in her quarter-acre garden, in Los Angeles. Plus: Our guide to recreating her garden's style at home.  Read More »
Outdoor Kitchen
Expert advice on planning and designing an outdoor cooking space.  Read More »
homegirl cafe tout
"Nothing stops a bullet like a job," is the motto of Homeboy Industries, the Los Angeles–based gang-intervention organization. Homegirl Cafe, started in 2005 and an off-shoot of Homeboy Industries, has a farm-to-kitchen training program, helping former gang members and other at-risk youth by...Read More »
A sundial from Vermonter Fred Schleipman can be personalized with text to commemorate an anniversary or a loved one. Read More »
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