January/February 2012

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sunbrella heritage line
Sunbrella's new line of outdoor upholstery fabric is made from 50% reccyled scraps and fibers from the company's factories.Read More »
A botanical garden in Oaxaca, Mexico, illustrates the relationship between plants and culture, with a wide mix of plants, textures, and colors.Read More »
The story behind Mexico's ethnobotanical garden in Oaxaca, a landscape of unexpected shapes and colors. Read More »
My Garden Petaluma CA winter
The story and photographs of one reader's winter garden in Petaluma, California.Read More »
Beloua chair
With backyards in mind, furniture designers throw us some curves. Read More »
Thaddeus Wolfe vase
Dramatic black and white vases designed by well-known artists serve as sculptures on their own, or serve as beautiful vessels for winter arrangements.Read More »
The greenhouse makes a comeback in some surprising places.Read More »
Denmark Lars Wiberg
A peek at Danish style-setter Lars Wiberg's garden and our ideas for how to add casual elegance to your own indoor-outdoor living spaces. Read More »
Gursan Ergil
“Garden design in Turkey is waking up from 50 years of sleep,” says Turkish garden historian and designer Gürsan Ergil. “It is a baby in the crawling stage. But people are starting to think about reintroducing nature in their lives, and I am doing my best to help.” We take a look at some of...Read More »
japanese garden
Our review of the new book of inspirational photos from well-known garden photographer Andrea Jones. Read More »
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