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Vines, Vines, Vines

Besides ordering seeds online, there are many specialty nurseries that deliver. Consider, for example, vines—they’re perfect tucked into small spaces and make for an ideal cover for a fence. Brushwood Nursery in Athens, Georgia, is a mail-order nursery that deals exclusively in vines and climbers. It sells a great range of plants for zones 3 to 11, including standbys like clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle, and wisteria, plus hundreds of lesser-known specimens. We're partial to natives like Bignonia capreolata, pictured here, which is evergreen to semi-evergreen and is a favorite of hummingbirds. 

Dan Long, the founder of Brushwood, advises vine newcomers to put aside misconceptions about the plants being hard to manage. “They’re certainly less work than many gardening tasks and can be so rewarding,” says Long. “Vines in general are very forgiving. You won’t kill them if you prune them the wrong way, and they transplant easily.” They’re easy to grow and, now, easy to order. 

Garden Design
March 2012