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2012's Fresh Faces

Four more plants to look for:

Top left: From Dan Heims at Terra Nova Nurseries, Acanthus ‘Whitewater’ is a tough perennial. It sends up a striking pale pink and creamy 4-inch flower stalk in summer.

Top right: This new Hibiscus syriacus ‘Pink Chiffon’ is a hardy selection from Spring Meadow Nursery and offers a sophisticated color for those interested in an easy-to-grow plant suitable from Florida to Maine.

Bottom left: From Weeks Roses is floribunda Rose 'Koko Loco.' This intriguing bloom starts as a creamy blush and finishes in a soft lavender tone. 

Bottom right: Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’ from PlantHaven is a sterile selection—a real plus since berberis can be very invasive.

Garden Design
March 2012