Art + Botany: Blossoms, Deconstructed

Art + Botany: Blossoms, Deconstructed

October 21, 2011
Photo by: Fong Qi Wei; Exploded Gerbera #1

How do petals, pistils, and pollen compare with the sum of their parts? Photographer Fong Qi Wei deconstructs the blossoms of several common flower species, then recomposes the pieces as small moments of bursting color. There is a nice movement in all of them: the radiating gerbera, the dancing lily, the fluttering chrysanthemum.

These portraits of disassembled blossoms are a gorgeous way to explore a flower's petal anatomy: the shape, number, and color. Especially lovely is the gradient of deepening red on the explosive rose, and the punctuation of anthers on the lily. The gallery includes hydrangea, Peruvian lily, dahlia, and others. 


Chrysanthemum Exploded #1. Photo credit: Fong Qi Wei



Lily Exploded #1. Photo credit: Fong Qi Wei


Rose Exploded #1. Photo credit: Fong Qi Wei


Anna Laurent is a writer and producer of educational botanical media. Photographs from her forthcoming field guide to Los Angeles are available for exhibition and purchase at the author's shop