Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

March 25, 2011

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1 Waxed green florist twine  is great for tying bouquets and bunching branches.

2 Cling floral adhesive  secures flower frogs in a container; use stretchy floral tape to hold bouquets or create a grid atop a vessel; waterproof Oasis tape anchors floral foam.

3 Floral netting  can be shaped to fit inside a container and used to anchor thicker, heavier branches. 

4 Oasis floral foam holds water and can be cut with a knife to fit any vessel; white goatskin gloves provide a good  grip and  protect hands from thorns and sap.

5 Paddle wire secures woody material and tethers wreaths; flower preservative contains germicides, acidifiers, and sugars to help prolong the life of the blooms.

6 A metal doily  straddles a vase or bowl opening, holding stems and branches in place.

7 Use matches  to sear the ends of milky-stemmed flowers, such as poppies, to increase their life span; a flower pick will anchor a short-stemmed bloom in foam; water tubes keep stems used in boutonnières hydrated; elastic bands secure bouquets and arrangements.

8 Cutting tools  include, from left, a florist’s knife to quickly trim stems; wire cutters to clip floral wire; Japanese thread snips to perform delicate work; heavy-duty shears to tame thick stems; multipurpose scissors to cut almost anything; comfortable, lightweight pocket secateurs to hack through big branches.

9 Stem cleaners quickly and safely remove thorns from roses.

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This article was first published in Garden Design April 2011