Long-Lasting Flowers and Greens

Long-Lasting Flowers and Greens

March 25, 2011

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1 Philodendron Waxy and tough, these leaves stay fresh for ages if you change the water regularly.

2 Calla lily Place several stems, cut to the same length, in a vase to create a clean, modern arrangement.

3 White Gerber daisy An alternative to the standard daisy, it bends playfully in different directions.

4 White chrysanthemum To avoid rot, remove all leaves that sit below the surface of the water. This applies to all flowers.

5 Anthurium Leave stems long and arrange in a tall, narrow vase.

6 Protea A single stem works well in a tall bottle or cut short in a bud vase.

7 Cymbidium orchid Float flowers in a low bowl, or mix whole stems with assorted leaves.

8 Button chrysanthemum Use these blooms to add an informal wildflower note to arrangements.

9 Star of Bethlehem Arrange a few stems in a tall, narrow-neck vase.  Cut fleshy stems regularly to keep flowers fresh.

10 Carnation Trim short and use to cover a mound of floral foam set in a low bowl.

11 Sea holly Its intense texture and blue color can offer a great contrast to more delicate blooms.

12 Waxflower Kept tall and loose, it adds a pretty, organic touch to a mixed arrangement.

13 Baby’s breath The parsley of flower arrangements, this often discarded floral garnish is very dramatic when massed in a black urn.


This article was first published in Garden Design April 2011