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Casa Sugar has a great feature on the wedding flowers in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1. (The one where the vampire finally gets married, natch.)
Party pictures from our unveiling of the James Beard Foundation House's garden renovation!
As we head into these early days of fall and hold on to the last days of summer, there's still time to do some outdoor entertaining. Here are some of our tips for hosting an alfresco movie night, including what types of movies to play and what projectors to use.
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When Hollywood stars hire Eddie Zaratsian, they know this renowned botanical artist with his generous, magnetic personality will create a powerful reflection of his clients' personal style and preferences.  Check out his inspiring work below, including some images from his new book, Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifestyle
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We chat with design legend Terence Conran about how he uses smart design to make his guests feel at home in the garden.
In this week's post about the James Beard Garden renovation, we show the new refrigerators given by True Professional Series that have been installed in the garden, which will be used by the staff of the James Beard Foundation garden to store ingredients for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres outside.
Four great cocktail recipes using fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden to try.
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Farm-to-table has become the ultimate food trend of the year. And for some restaurants, the path from farm to table is quite short—we highlight 11 restaurants from Seattle to Maine that are growing their produce for their recipes on their roof, in raised beds, in recycled tires, and in aeroponic towers for fresh, delicious, and truly local and seasonal cuisine.
The bouquet! The trees in Westminster Abbey! The bridesmaids' wreaths! (Oh, and did we mention that we did a DIY last week on almost exactly the same lily-of-the-valley wreaths? We wonder if the British Royal Family is reading gardendesign.com—welcome ma'am!)
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