Summer Tips from the Board

Jun 21, 2011


Incorporating Travel into Your Design & Decor

Place objects you bring home from trips in the garden! This can lead to exciting revisions, if not a complete makeover; an object can be a focal point in the garden. Taking this idea a step further, you can incorporate plants from the area visited. Look for plants seen on trips or find others with the similar characteristics that are available in your area.     - Judy Nauseef

Objects and art purchased abroad can bring a wonderful sense of the exotic to home décor, but it is important to exercise discipline and follow your own guidelines. Ask yourself, ‘Does this fit in with my colour scheme?’ or ‘Can I visualize where I will put this in my home or garden?’     - Janet Rosenberg

Pick the object you’ll look for on vacation BEFORE you go. Also, take something with you that references a color story you currently have. I create swatch books of color for clients who are traveling so they have something in hand that make it easy to stick to a plan when they wander through exotic places.     - Joel Robare

Always have a camera with you. Take plenty of photos of things you see while traveling so you end up with your own encyclopedia of ideas for the future.  We are amazed how many ideas that we see when traveling are implemented into our finished work.     - Les Berabi

Wherever I go in the world, I bring back fabric. From raw, cut yardage to shawls, napkins, sheets: any pattern, color, or texture that I fall in love with. Even if you don't have a plan for what to do with the material, eventually a need crops up out of the blue, and you'll have plenty of treasures to choose from. Fabrics from around the world provide conversation ice breakers for home entertaining and are a great way to share your travel stories.     - David Stark