Floral Designers & Artists
Sarah Ryhanen

Apr 05, 2011
Floral Designers & Artists

Floral Designer, Photographer, Writer - Owner, Saipua Inc

Area of Specialty: Floral styling

Designer Q&A with Sarah

What is your design philosophy?
Creating relationships with the best flower growers, the best wholesalers, and the most excited clients always leads to incredible outcomes..

What led you to this career?
A very beautiful bouquet of black dahlias on my 25th birthday from a boyfriend.

What has been your favorite project and why?
My favorite projects are when I get to design alone in the studio for myself…after the storm, with what’s left. That’s when I get all my ideas about flowers.

Tell us about your most challenging project.
Teaching myself about the flower industry from scratch.

What is your design process?
It’s different every time! The flowers always dictate the process. A bunch of flowering geranium might find their way to the studio, and then we’re off in a very different direction.

Contact Information
Saipua, Inc.
147 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Webite: www.saipua.com
Email: info@saipua.com


Pink and bronze, always a stunning combination in early fall. I found this incredible coral charm peony on it’s last legs in the trash at the flower market. An absolute treasure from Australia at that time of year. Forever frozen in time with this picture!