Perks of Hiring a Professional Designer

Apr 05, 2010

Even the consummate do-it-yourselfer sometimes needs to call on a professional to get the job done right. Here, interior and landscape designers & architects from our Garden Design Advisory Board tell you when and why going pro is more-than worth it.

* A good designer pays for themselves in money not spent on re-do’s: poor infrastructure, failed plants, inefficient irrigation system, etc. They can capture economies in the design, installation, and maintenance.  -Margie Grace

* Many landscape architects are capable and interested in designing custom site furnishings, such as built-in seating, tables, trellises, lighting and fountains. These are a few additional elements to consider in the design of a garden.  -Jane Hansen

* A professional would have the practical knowledge to best deal with contractors, vendors and suppliers.  Also, an experienced professional has an understanding of size and scale, and how things fit together.  The added cost is well worth it to avoid costly mistakes.  -David Kaplan

* Efficiency: both time and money. Professionals can streamline the design process, create a better long-term design solution, and lead clients to a more cost efficient construction process by knowing local contractors, costs of materials, as well as specifying appropriate, local materials.  -Courtney McRickard

* Professionals can provide a fresh perspective and offer new options that you might never think of yourself. It’s always to your benefit to be guided by someone who is not emotionally attached to the space, someone who can be objective and bring a wealth of knowledge and tested solutions to the table.  -Janet Rosenberg

* We have access to furnishings from around the world and have the tools to turn our clients’ most unique ideas a reality. We also have tremendous custom design capabilities, which are not necessarily always more expensive.  -Claudia Juestel

* Many of us are as good at mixing cocktails for thirsty guests at a housewarming party as we are at designing the bars on which to do it.  -Joel Robare

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