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Matthew Robbins

Apr 07, 2011
Floral Designers & Artists

Senior Partner and Creative Director - Matthew Robbins Design

Areas of Specialty
Floral & Event Design

Designer Q&A with Matthew

What is your design philosophy?

I believe in allowing the material to dictate the design. I follow the seasons for inspiration and direction for color palette and design ideas. I don’t believe in forcing flowers to function as architecture or sculpture. They already have the elements of both disciplines in their natural state. One stem or branch of something beautiful from the garden is a wealth of information and ideas for form, color, and texture.

What led you to this career?
My background is in fine art and art history. During my college studies as an art student I was drawn to working with flowers, as the experience is so immediate and instantly rewarding. I found it very easy to translate the language of art making into working with flowers and later event design. My first job working with flowers was in a beautiful shop in San Francisco’s Castro District at the age of 19. I was instantly hooked. The endless color combinations, the amazing textures, and incredible forms all provided by nature sparked a lifetime obsession!

What has been your favorite project and why?
My favorite project recently is a series of events I designed for a client getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (shown in the photo gallery below). The entire process from start to finish was truly a joy. The landscape and the setting inspired so many wonderful ideas. I enjoyed giving my client so many different moments to experience through the flowers and the design. There was a welcome party on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the rehearsal dinner was decadent and golden, and dinner on the wedding night was inside of a huge mountain tunnel! It was all truly magnificent and romantic.

Tell us about your most challenging project.
One of my most challenging projects was planning a dinner in a cave in Italy. It was amazing but there were so many challenges as the cave was in a protected area and the only access was by very small staircases leading from the city of Orvieto above. The cave is underneath the city and access is limited. We made it work and it was fantastic. We even had a piano delivered to the cave for live music!

What is your design process?
My design work is focused on my clients as I design events and style spaces for incredible celebrations. I find inspiration for my work through getting to know each client. I love learning about their style, vision, and interests. I can find inspiration in their personal history, their fashion, things they collect, or places they travel. After I pull inspiration from many conversations I put together a basic design story detailing color palette, overall aesthetic, and a general mood for the event. From here we move into the serious details!

Contact Information
Matthew Robbins Design
227 West 29th Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10001
Website: www.matthewrobbinsdesign.com
Email: info@matthewrobbinsdesign.com

Ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Thousands of orchids filled the outdoor space overlooking the ocean.

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