Landscape Architects
Mario Nievera

Apr 08, 2011
Landscape Architects

Owner, Mario Nievera Design Incorporated

Area of Specialty: Landscape Architecture

Designer Q&A with Mario

What is your design philosophy?

Elegant, modern, personally designed environments for private clients and public institutions! Mario Nievera Design Incorporated strives to produce gracious landscapes with attention to detail and mindful of sustainability.

What has been your favorite project and why?

We’ve completed hundreds of Landscapes, and each of them are our favorites, because our clients become so happy at the results!

Tell us about your most challenging project.

Currently working in China, designing landscapes for 100 private residences outside of Shanghai. 
What is your design process?

Five steps:
- Concept
- Design Development
- Construction Documentation
- Overview and Implementation
- Post-construction evaluation
Contact Information
Mario Nievera Design Incorporated
223 Sunset Avenue, Suite 150
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Swimming pool and pavilion in Palm Beach: Thunbergia vine climbs on the pavilion.