Landscape Designers
Mac Carbonell

Mar 25, 2011
Landscape Designers

Landscape Designer - Verdant Garden Design

Areas of Specialty
- Synthesizing architecture with landscape
- Urban gardens
- Incorporating unusual or unique plants into our designs

Designer Q&A with Mac

What is your design philosophy?
I like the tension between control and lack of control.
I am interested in what each material brings to the design (stone, wood, metal, plants).  Doing a lot of my work in small, urban environments, I try to design spaces that flow well, and I try to use structured elements to highlight the delicate, and ever-changing qualities of plants.

What is your design process?
I work with a lot of images and do a lot of research before beginning rendering. Many of my projects require addressing structural concerns, or less than ideal growing conditions. I try to study the issues well so I can incorporate plants that are both aesthetically dynamic, and at the same time, truly functional. I enjoy gardens that are healthy.
I like to consider a wide range of plants, and I enjoy testing new plant ideas if I have the opportunity.
When I get to the rendering stage, I use Photoshop and CAD. I have lots of supporting images, and text, so I can explain the details of what I am trying to convey.

Contact Information
Verdant Gardens Design
114 3rd Place #2
Brooklyn, NY 11231


Rethinking a facade to create a distinctive address, I was hired by the developer to design a vertical garden that would stop every passer-by. Collaborating with the building architect, we designed a simple window-box based solution: an architecturally sensitive, biodiverse vertical landscape, consisting of over 100 species of plants.