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Judy Nauseef

Apr 03, 2011
Landscape Designers

APLD - Judy Nauseef Landscape Design

Areas of  Specialty
- Residential Landscape Design, Master Plan
- Perennial Gardens, Native Plants
- Garden Writing

Designer Q&A with Judy 

What is your design philosophy?
My design philosophy is to listen to my client and incorporate their needs into a thoughtful landscape.

What led you to this career?
As a fine artist drawing and painting the landscape, I became more and more interested and involved with gardening. When I discovered a horticulture and landscape design program nearby, I signed up.

What has been your favorite project and why?

I chose my favorite project probably mostly due to the fact that I worked on it for many years and saw I grow into an entire landscape. The client is a fine gardener and we spent many enjoyable hours together. She now has decided she must move for health reasons. The older home sat on a fairly large corner lot with no sidewalks, a few mature trees, and some existing stonework. We created a number of perennial gardens, most of which ended up connecting over time. I was able to use ornamental trees, bulbs, perennials, grasses, vines, roses, and shrubs, both for sun and shade. The garden receives excellent care.

Tell us about your most challenging project.
My most challenging project was for a totally remodeled house. This was a new building on the footprint of the original home and the architecture was minimalist with no embellishments. The architects had an idea for the landscaping based on a lack of knowledge of plants or planting design. They poured rooftop water from scuppers onto the lawn or beds. The clients tended to follow the lead of the architects in making decisions on the landscape. My contractor and I had to come up with solutions to make the landscape work. It was a learning experience.

What is your design process?

I meet with my clients for an interview during which I learn as much as possible about how they use or plan to use their yard, the plants and materials they like or dislike and how much time they plan to be in the garden, relaxing or gardening. We meet in their home where I can get a sense of their style preferences and see the views from inside the home. It is difficult, if not impossible, to do this when the house is under construction. We walk the site together.
I return to walk the site solo, take notes, measurements, and photos. Sometimes I make return visits. I will email the client with additional questions and ask them to write to me as well.
At our second meeting we review a rendered design concept and make changes and additions. I supply images of plants and materials with printed or online sources. We may begin to discuss installation options.
At our third meeting I present the final drawing and plant list and make plans to acquire installation estimates.

Contact Information
Judy Nauseef Landscape Design
3962 James Ave. SW
Iowa City, IA  52246



A lovely older home is surrounded by mixed gardens providing season long color.