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David Kaplan

Mar 31, 2011
Interior Designers

Owner -  David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC

Areas of Specialty
- Residential Interior Design
- Commercial Space Planning & Design

Designer Q&A with David

What is your design philosophy?
David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC creates living and working environments with a subtle blend of classic and innovative modern elements to attain an aesthetic of relaxed elegance. The DKID principle is to attain beauty, harmony, and functionality within a complex world.  
Merging the interior with the exterior landscape is at the core of my design philosophy and is evidenced by the use of natural materials and patterns. To put a stamp of uniqueness on each design, I often introduce international products and antiques while continually seeking out new and exciting artisan-crafted furnishings. I also maintain a special commitment to incorporating environmentally responsible materials within my designs.
Recognizing that each interior is a reflection of the client’s personal expression and lifestyle, I work closely with each individual to be certain that their interests, taste and budgetary requirements are considered throughout the process. With expertise in color, scale, and space optimization, I help clients avoid costly mistakes while achieving designs that are well balanced and visually tranquil.

What led you to this career?
I knew I was destined to be an interior designer when as a young teenager I became fascinated by house plans and contemplated how the flow and furnishing of these spaces have an effect on one’s daily life. My first real assignment, while still in high school, was to design a den in my own home which involved analyzing adjacent rooms, additional lighting, researching, and drawing the details necessary for constructing a wood-burning fireplace, designing custom cabinetry, furniture space planning, furniture, and fabric selections.

What has been your favorite project and why?

This is a difficult one to answer. My favorite is usually the one I am working on at the time plus I remain somewhat attached to many that have been completed previously. In addition to working on a brownstone in Brooklyn and a home in Pittsburgh, I am currently in the final stages of my own part-time residence, a two bedroom/two bathroom ocean-front condo in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which I am hoping will lead to expanding my professional network to that area of the country.
As completed projects go, it would probably be between a townhouse in Atlanta and a shingled cottage in Southampton, NY. I have now worked for both clients twice and what has made those exceptional is the mutual excitement throughout the design process through end results shared by client and designer alike.

Contact Information
David Kaplan Interior Design, LLC
302A West 12th Street #212
New York, NY 10014