Interior Designers
Claudia Juestel

Mar 31, 2011
Interior Designers

Principal - Adeeni Design Group

Areas of Specialty
- Residential Interior Design
- Hospitality Design
- Eco-Design
- Historic Restoration

Designer Q&A with Claudia

What is your design philosophy?
At Adeeni Design Group we are passionate about creating unique, enduring interiors that stand the test of time and are a true reflection of their owners’ personalities.  As a result we work in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary and rustic to elegant.
It is our belief that designers can break away from a “signature” style where the approach is more that of a set designer resulting in each project being its own original piece of art, created in close collaboration with our clients. We take everything into consideration, from the architecture to the landscape and surroundings of the home, aiming to create a seamless flow for our clients between design, lifestyle, and the environment.

What led you to this career?
I was born and raised in Austria, coming from a family or artists, craftsmen, musicians, and hoteliers. I was always surrounded by incredible architecture and craftsmanship, and I had been drawing all my life and wanted to become an artist and a fashion designer. 
After completing a degree in hotel management and culinary arts I came to San Francisco where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University.  My love for architecture and design and their varieties of expressions led me into a career in design. There is not a day I am ever bored or don’t learn something new.

What has been your favorite project and why?
An historic mansion in Diablo, CA: We created historically appropriate interiors for modern times and did a major excavation of the basement, designing a wine cellar complete with sitting room, bathroom, and staircase with a hidden trap door.  Additionally, we collaborated on the design of the landscaping and exterior architecture.

Tell us about your most challenging project.
I look at challenge as something exciting, and two projects come to mind:
1. In my position as the Creative Director of a new Indian hotel chain, I was in charge of advising on the choice of architect and had the opportunity to work closely with him in designing a hotel, gardens, and pools from the ground up.
2. I had the opportunity to design a "man cave" and wine cellar in the basement of an Italianate 19th-century mansion. With the assistance of an engineer we excavated 80% of the space and created a staircase with hidden trap door, a barrel-ceiling hallway, a sitting room, a wine cellar, and powder room with an aesthetic goal of it having always been there.

What is your design process?
- Thoroughly get to know the client to understand their needs and desires.
- Understand the architecture and environment.
- Create a design concept that befits the architecture and reflects the clients’ personalities in a timeless manner.

Contact Information
Adeeni Design Group
P.O. Box 641483
San Francisco, CA 94164

by César Rubio
A traditional ballroom-sized room with multiple seating groups incorporates antiques and custom-designed furnishings.