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Carolyn Tierney

Mar 31, 2011
Interior Designers

ASID, CSBA - ECOterior Solutions

Areas of Specialty
- Interior Design for Residential Properties
- Sustainable Building Consulting

Design Q&A with Carolyn

What is your design philosophy?
A home should always reflect the people who live there. My goal is to create an inviting space for clients to live, host a party, and raise a family in. My job as the interior designer is to listen and then create, to meet the requirements and also the dreams.

What led you to this career?
I had parents who took us to museums, historical homes, and antique store from the age of two, so art and design was always around me. As an adult I have been lucky and have been able to cultivate this exposure and my passion into a career as an interior designer.

What has been your favorite project and why?

I can’t say I have a favorite as usually the intrigue of a new project always makes it my new passion. Having said that my favorite part of a project is when the design development begins: bringing spaces to life and seeing my vision form is exhilarating! I love the challenge.

Tell us about your most challenging project.
The most challenging project to date was for family home in Connecticut. I had clear direction from the couple and thought we were on track. I was told I would work with the husband on budget and the wife would work with me on selections of decorations. All went well until one day, after a large delivery the day prior, I was speaking with the husband and he said he didn’t like the green sofa in the family room. I was truly heart sick as this was the piece of furniture in his home he would see and sit on the most. After discussing it wasn’t the sofa as much as it was that he had grown up with a green sofa and never liked it. He was not upset with me, nor did he want it corrected, but I realized as a designer I can’t ask questions and listen enough...even if they say “whatever you think is best," or "work with my wife we like the same things.”

What is your design process?
1. I first like to sit with both client and talk about their dream of the space and also the reality, needs and budget. I try to draw out as much information during this “getting to know you” stage.
2. I then take the lead and develop a project timeline and projects scope so we can all understand how and where we are going.
3. The design phase starts next where I start to develop the space plan and develop the decorative scheme with furniture, fabrics and finishes.
4. Once selections and decisions have been made my project administration and jobsite administration phase begins. This will include work with vendors, contractors and supplier to fulfill the design plan.
5.While project all vary in scope and size the final step is the punch list completion.

Contact Information
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