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Audrey Sterk

Mar 31, 2011
Floral Designers & Artists

Designer and Artist, Audrey Sterk Design

Areas of Specialty
Custom murals, line of pattern and mural wrapped Parson style tables, patterned and mural wallpapers, floor cloths, decorative screens, wall art and decorative painting,

Design Q&A with Audrey

What is your design philosophy?
- To incorporate and recognize the beauty in our history while being forward thinking of what makes us inspired about the present.
- To bring value to what is now and produce things that are not only mindful of our environment but will hold value in a classic sense and have longevity.
- To create honest designs that inspire environments and create spaces the evoke feeling.

What led you to this career?
I studied interior design and fine art at the conseculatevly at The Columbus College of Art and Design, in Ohio, where I realized the synergy of the two fields. While in college I worked for an art corporation that painted large-scale hand-painted murals and wallpapers for retail stores. I learned the craft of mural and decorative painting, and at the same time was able to incorporate my interior design degree of space and elevation drawings to the position. I loved it and continued on from there.

What has been your favorite project and why?
I really don’t have a favorite, but I do have projects that have been very exciting for different reasons. One that comes to mind was painting the scene of Hong Kong and the depiction of the import/exportation of goods via the Canton River. I enjoyed painting the big beautiful sky and then getting in to the detail of the variety of vessels styles indicitive of the country they were from. That is a great harmony of history while twisting the color way to make it a more modern mural.

Tell us about your most challenging project.
I did an “extreme” project this past year where I painted a mural in an elevator shaft of a bookstore that had one side of glass so the viewer could look into the shaft and see the underwater scene of indigenous fish. I had to paint the mural standing on top of the elevator car and paint after hours. It was peaceful and a bit scary at the same time.

What is your design process?
- Get an overview of the project, gather my thoughts and sketch.
- Then I adjust according the specific needs of the client and project; making sure the clients concepts are included is very important.

Contact Information
Audrey Sterk Design
P.O. Box 3251
Nantucket, MA 02584
Website: www.audreysterk.com
Email: info@audreysterk.com



Installation of the Coastal Grasses mural scaled to fit the focal wall.

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