Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
teaser for Botanica Magnifica
Take a look at our slide show of Jonathan Singer's botanic photographs, collected in his book, Botanica Magnifica. The photographs feature rare plant specimens shot on a Hasselblad camera. Read More »
Tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa)
Jonathan Singer's botanic photographs are collected in the large-format book Botanica Magnifica. Shot on a Hasselblad in low light, the pictures recall the detail of early plant engravings, and the dramatic style of Old Master paintings. Read More »
Nerium oleander
Adored, feared, and fabled, the oleander is a deadly beauty. Drought-tolerant and easily propagated, it is commonly cultivated in gardens and public spaces in subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world and it is also considered to be one of history's deadliest plants.  Read More »
The hills of Japan's Hitachi Flower Park blossom bright with about 30,000 bushes of Kochia, a bush whose leaves and stems turn red in October. A couple million light pink and white cosmos bloom alongside in the park's 153 hectacres.  Read More »
Beacon Food Forest
The first trees were just planted in Beacon Food Forest, a forager-friendly garden in Seattle. With a projected seven acres of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, it will be the nation's largest public edible landscape.  Read More »
Teddy Bear Cholla
The teddy-bear cholla (Opuntia bigelovii) cactus has evolved barbed arms that will detach and cling to just about anything, in the hopes of traveling to a new place to root and begin a new colony.   Read More »
exploded gerbera
Photographer Fong Qi Wei deconstructs the blossoms of several common flower species, then recomposes the pieces as small moments of bursting color.  Read More »
With its fanciful landscapes, ribbon-awarding contests, and more than 400,000 pumpkins, the Pumpkin Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany, has the largest pumpkin exhibition in the world.  Read More »
mud maid
Built with mud, rocks, and plants, the extraordinary sculptures by sister and brother team Sue Hill and Pete Hill are living figures that suggest a fairy tale in the undergrowth.  Read More »
A dramatic accent to modern-day gardens, Acanthus plants were also the inspiration for Corinthian columns, the art of William Morris, and mid-century motifs.  Read More »
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