Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
 Frances Perlzman Liscio
A botanic illustrator and erstwhile music photographer, Frances Perlzman Liscio designs and photographs floral compositions that are a little Victorian, and a little rock star.  Read More »
Frozen Flora
'Frozen Flora' is a series of botanic photographs with flowers and leaves are frozen in ice blocks.


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saffron crocus
An expensive spice with a long history of famous anointments and international trade, saffron is actually nothing more than the dried stigmas of a crocus flower.  Read More »
maher tout
Thistles on the fireplace, poppies atop the columns, lilies in the windows—these are the organic designs that defined the style of Chicago architect George Washington Maher (1864-1926). Read More »
ornamental kale and cabbages
Ornamental kales and cabbages are ubiquitous winter foliage plants, with leaves that turn colors after a couple of frosts.  Read More »
poppy penn
Irving Penn photographed fashion, fame, and flowers for Vogue magazine. With formal simplicity and precise details, he shows us the majesty of a shadowed calyx, aging petal, shriveled anthers.  Read More »
hippocrates plane
It is believed that Hippocrates taught under the canopy of a plane tree on a Greek island. Today, a descendent of that tree is hollowed and hallowed and its cuttings and seeds have been grown throughout the world.


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Imprinted with weeds collected in London's inner boroughs, Studio Glithero's Blueware series of ceramics is an homage to local plants, analog technologies, and traditional styles.


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Azuma bonsai
For a conceptual art exhibit in Belgium, Tokyo-based florist and artist Makoto Azuma created two bonsai pieces using unusual techniques: ice and wires. Read More »
Saint Francis Cypress
An 800-year old cypress tree grows in the cloister of a hilltop Franciscan convent in Italy; legend says that Saint Francis planted the tree from his own walking staff.  Read More »
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