Anna Laurent

Anna Laurent
pep ventura tout
Pep Ventosa's tree portraits are composed of multiple photographs, shot as he circles the subject. In this slide show, Ventosa tells us a bit more about his series "In the Round - Trees," his painting-like images of trees around the world.  Read More »
weaver bird
There are over one hundred species of weaver birds, known for their gorgeous nests of grasses & textiles.  Read More »
Cypress guitar
Landscaped entirely out of cypress and eucalyptus, the enormous guitar is one Argentine farmer's love letter to his late wife, a young woman who loved the guitar. Read More »
Moon tree
Moon trees are not plants that flourish on lunar terrain, but rather, trees that are grown from seeds that orbited the moon thirty-four times, in the Apollo 14 lunar mission in 1971. Read More »
Tree sculptures are mysteriously installed in a wooded public park in the United Kingdom. After weeks of anonymity, the chainsaw-wielding artist is revealed. Read More »
Traffic Light Tree
Commissioned by the city of London to replace a dying sycamore tree, the Traffic Light Tree has 75 signals that bewilder birds and confuse motorists—doing everything but directing traffic.  Read More »
Mount Ingino Christmas Tree
A selection of extraordinary Christmas trees throughout the world—most are local traditions, many are breaking records, and one appears to break through a suburban roof.  


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Pierre Herme
Designers around the world have created whimsical Christmas trees inspired by lotus flowers, French macarons, and children's story books. Check out this assortment of unusual trees around the world. Read More »
Coco-de-mer Fruit
The mythologized coco-de-mer (Lodoicea maldivica) tree is a Seychelles Island native palm, and yields the largest seeds (weighing up to 30 kg) in the plant kingdom. The seeds also happen to resemble a woman's curves. Read More »
Victorian horticulturalists were quite interested in scrapbooking and gardening and their two interests were combined in the ephemera of seed company trading cards, some of which can still be found (and collected) today. With funny illustrations and silly advertising mottoes, these seed company trading cards are a peek into the gardens of the past. Read More »
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