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DIY Beehives, modular furniture, the sweet sounds of nature, and more on today’s Links We Love!


Tips and advice on adding plants to a natural pool. 
Scott Shrader has mastered the art of crafting classic gardens that feel timeless. Behind his own home, he makes small spaces feel expansive, erasing the boundary between inside and out.
The Toronto-based floral designer draws inspiration from nature as well as high fashion
The check and balance between objects resonates throughout a stunning São Paulo garden
The Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center faces out to the world.
Big Island, Hawaii (konavillage.com)
Located on Bainbridge Island, Washington
For autumn color, chrysanthemums are showstoppers. They're the first choice of proud moms for homecoming corsages; their exquisite forms draw thousands to flower shows; and in the fall, they dominate prime counter space at garden centers. 
Popular Science names the Groasis Waterboxx, a planter designed for arid conditions, as Innovation of the Year.
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