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The Portland Japanese Garden continues its visionary path
Part folk artist, though with a surrealistic bent, and part Edward Scissorhands, though without the angst, topiary creator extraordinaire Pearl Fryar is the humblest celebrity you'll ever meet.
Fresh combinations for container plantings from Seattle landscape designers Glenn Withey and Charles Price. 
Boutique garden show at the Tuileries in Paris from June 4-6, 2010
Our “A-list” party experts show you how to make your holiday table the talk of the town.
A report from a visit to Christian Dior's childhood home in Normandy.
Every May, my husband, Kevin, heads out to our cabin in western Colorado to put in our summer garden. It is his time to fix fences and set the irrigation pipes, to plant the basics I rely on in the kitchen—such as tomatoes, zucchini, and fava beans—and to tend the perennials I use to season them, like oregano, thyme, and sage. Come late June, when I leave our home in New York City to join him for the summer, I take on the garden chores. I work in the early mornings, before the sun gets too hot. I walk across the backyard in my rubber boots, hoe in hand, stepping on the morning glories that blanket the lawn.
A temporary house made from a pipe frame and vegetable crates had living walls and a living roof covered with fresh vegetables that could be directly harvested from this "greenhouse."
Dispatch from mom! Our assistant editor's mom sent us snapshots and observations from the 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show, which runs through this Sunday, March 13. Here's a look at one visitor's favorite displays and plants from this year's show.
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