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An Easter tree is a lovely way to decorate your home during the spring. Our assistant editor, Anna Stockwell, writes about her family's tradition of decorating with spring branches and homemade Easter eggs.
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Katie Mendelson visits this year's Horticultural Society of New York Dinner Dance and Flower Show (theme: "Fire and Ice") and reports on her favorite tablescapes.
Actress Rachel Bilson (a.k.a. Summer from The O.C.) has designed a new line of super-cute dishware for Macy's, featuring sculpted plates and dishes in the shape of roses, as well as these avian salt and pepper shakers. With a vintage flair, these plates and accessories would be so sweet to use at a garden party.
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Many people hate Valentine's Day. For these haters, I suggest putting on a mix of solidly grouchy music. We link to a mix of sad and yearning songs, with some suggestions for curmudgeonly flowers (such as, ahem, the daffodils being held by Morrissey, at left), for this most floral of holidays.
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Grass seems to sprout magically from the middle of this table, thanks to a removable planter and an unusual construction.
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This is a companion piece to our Harvest Home article


Makes 5 Pints 

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Every May, my husband, Kevin, heads out to our cabin in western Colorado to put in our summer garden. It is his time to fix fences and set the irrigation pipes, to plant the basics I rely on in the kitchen—such as tomatoes, zucchini, and fava beans—and to tend the perennials I use to season them, like oregano, thyme, and sage. Come late June, when I leave our home in New York City to join him for the summer, I take on the garden chores. I work in the early mornings, before the sun gets too hot. I walk across the backyard in my rubber boots, hoe in hand, stepping on the morning glories that blanket the lawn.
Bella Meyer, granddaughter of artist Marc Chagall, has been enthralled by flowers since childhood.
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We tackle whether you should buy a live or cut Christmas tree, plus flower tips, recipes, and more for this Thanksgiving weekend.
Great recipes for homegrown vegetables at your Thanksgiving table.
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