[ March 22, 2011 ]
by Cara Greenberg
Photo by: photo: Cara Greenberg

I'M JUST BACK from Valencia, Spain, which has a most extraordinary park: it's 5-1/2 miles long and it curves right through the heart of the city like a river. That's because it once was a river -- the River Turia, which had been the city's central axis since the Romans chose its banks as a building site in 138 B.C.

But the Turia flooded once too often, in the late 1950s wiping out about 100 lives. The city of Valencia decided to divert the river's course and re-purpose the riverbed as the Jardin del Turia, now a green artery crisscrossed with bridges — some 500 years old, others ultra-modern, like Santiago Calatrava’s “Comb." 

To read more about the plantings of Valencia's Turia park, and see lots more pictures, go here.