Nasher Sculpture Center


Nasher Sculpture Center

August 27, 2003
Photo by: Tim Hursley

The Nasher Sculpture Center, in the Downtown Arts District of Dallas, Texas, is designed to showcase modern sculpture in an effort to further the study and preservation of these works. The center opened on October 20, 2003, and both indoor and outdoor exhibits include sculptures pulled from the Nasher Collection, as well as other collections throughout the world.

The center consists of a 54,000-square-foot glass building designed by award-winning architect Renzo Piano, and an outdoor sculpture garden created by Peter Walker, a modernist landscape architect. The 2-acre garden combines the style of the main building with Walker's landscape design to create a peaceful blend of art and nature in which to display large, outdoor sculptures.

The center offers several public and educational programs. For more information on the Nasher Sculpture Center, go to