<i>Caladium</i> 'Rosebud'

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Caladium 'Rosebud'

February 2, 2010
Photo by: Chelsea Stickel

A fancy-leaved form with a central pattern, aptly named a burst, not found in many caladiums, ‘Rosebud’ is hot pink at the heart, with pink veins piercing through a spattering of white and into the dark-green edging. Forms a lush mound 2 feet tall of foot-long leaves. A good choice for containers or tucked into the shade garden. And watch for an amped-up version of ‘Rosebud’ called ‘Summer Rose’, with brighter colors and reddish-purple petioles, on the market this spring.  caladiumsonline.com, brentandbeckysbulbs.com, caladiumworld.com, caladiums.com, happinessfarms.com, parkseed.com

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