See how several designers artfully incorporate fire into landscapes to create relaxing outdoor retreats that are perfect for cozy autumn nights!

For any garden anywhere, there’s a berry to suit the site. Read on to learn more about eight berry-producing plants. 
The blooms of late summer and much of fall provide plenty of enjoyment before the curtain falls for winter.

The Weekly Notebook

Saipua's Container Cutting Garden Sarah Ryhanen, the force behind Brooklyn's super-stylish Saipua flower shop, talks about how she started creating a cutting garden in containers, in front of her store and her apartment building. Read More »
Botanic Notables: An Upside-Down Forest in Juneau A glacier, a rainforest, and a forest of upside-down trees—naturally fallen spruce and hemlock, repurposed as flower pots—are some of the wonders in Alaska's Mendenhall Valley. Read More »
Now Forager: A Movie About Mushroom Hunters Love, marriage, and mycology. Read More »
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Inspiration for your garden is everywhere! Pay attention to hotel, restaurant and spa gardens to benefit from some ideas created by top flight designers. Here's an idea I brought back from Chicago for you to steal! Read More »
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Art & Botany: Prince Charles's Book of Plants Florigelia were popular in the seventeeth century. Often illustrated by eminent artists, the lavishly produced books catalogued the plants in a garden, or collected on an expedition. Who can afford to produce such a book today? A prince, of course. His Royal Highness, Prince Charles of Wales, who sponsored The Highgrove Florilegium, a collection of plants in the royal garden, and one of the most expensive books of modern times.  Read More »
Links We Love, 10/24/12 An energy-conscious “flower”, Caribbean produce in Brooklyn, mini gardening tools, and more in today’s Links We Love!  Read More »
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Natural Pools, Photo Gallery Tips and advice on adding plants to a natural pool.  Read More »
LongHouse Reserve Container Competition An annual contest of creative planting  Read More »
Magnificent Trees Arboreal portraits that awaken a sense of mystery and communion.  Read More »
Art & Botany: 'Lightweeds' & Illuminated 'Trees' London-based artist Simon Heijdens explores the ecology of objects, and introduces the narrative of the natural world to the built environment. His garden of 'digital, living organisms,' evolves with a gust of wind or a passerby. Read More »
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