An ecologically friendly Virginia garden sets the groundwork for a new approach to landscapes of enduring beauty. 
Learn about species rhododendrons, wild plants found growing naturally in the forests and mountains of the world.
View the gardens and public spaces designed by modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

The Weekly Notebook

5 Weeks of Woolly Suprises From Woolly Pocket This Holiday season, Woolly Pocket is having five weeks of Woolly surprises for the holidays. Every Monday, they are unwrapping a present to reveal a sweet deal, up to 25% off Pockets. Deck your walls with the new Living Wall Planters or with Wallys, and start having fun with plants! Read More »
Art & Botany: Surreal Portraits in Fruits & Vegetables Photographer Klaus Enrique has revived a Renaissance classic: the surreal botanical portraits of 16th-century Milanese painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo—now, rendered through the lens, not the brush. A modern perspective gives the work new meaning: rather than "From what far off land did that gourd arrive?" we ask "Is that a hybrid or an heirloom?" Instead of "The painter is nuts," we think "The photographer must eat very healthy."  Read More »
A Passion for Mushrooms How a love for eating mushrooms led to a livelong obessession with finding them.   Read More »
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Art & Botany: Translucent Roses & Underwater Butterflies Photographer Alexander James, who has worked with floral subjects for over 15 years, will go to any lengths necessary to get the shot, including submerging bouquets & fruit in a dark tank, rigging an underwater light, and even breeding butterflies in his studio. In this Q&A, he talks about his latest series, 'Glass,' for which he's developed a process that replaces color pigment with purified water.  Read More »
The Plant Hunter's Retreat The private garden of master collector Dan Hinkley. Read More »
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Art & Botany: Flower Mandalas Arizona artist Kathy Klein gathers natural materials to design circular arrangements in situ. After photographing her work, she walks away. The colorful medallions are now ephemeral gifts for whoever comes along. Read More »
Flower Parades in the Netherlands The Netherlands has a long history of going cuckoo for flowers (two words: tulip & mania), so its annual Bloemencorso (Dutch for "flower parade") should come as no surprise. Except that every float is beyond belief, and covered in flowers. The oldest and largest Bloemencorso began in 1936 in Zundert, where the only flower used are dahlias. Read More »
Links We Love 11/20/2012 An origami house, light art in Finland, downed trees in the New York Botanical Garden, and more in today’s Links We Love. Read More »
An Underground Mushroom Garden in London An architecture firm in London has won the city's Green Ideas Competition with a proposal to transform an abandoned underground tunnel into a pedestrian-friendly mushroom garden. Read More »
Botanic Superlatives: Brightest Berry Joins Glitterati of the Natural World A tiny, inedible berry with long-lasting iridescence has been awarded the superlative title of Brightest Living Thing on Earth. Read More »
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