An ecologically friendly Virginia garden sets the groundwork for a new approach to landscapes of enduring beauty. 
Learn about species rhododendrons, wild plants found growing naturally in the forests and mountains of the world.
View the gardens and public spaces designed by modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

The Weekly Notebook

Colorful Planters Sometimes color has a way of stealing the show. But when it comes to planters, a brightly hued container works as a stage, drawing attention to all the botanical drama transpiring inside.  Read More »
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When to Prune Pruning woody plants allows their flowers and foliage to flourish, if done at the right time — and place. An expert shares his strategy for cutting back.  Read More »
Great Gardens: Thrill of the Chases In the mid-1950s, when Ione and Emmott Chase broke ground on a parcel of former logging land, their intent was simply to build a place to retire in the western Washington terrain they’d known and loved all their lives. They never thought it would become a celebrated public garden, but the 4.5 acres they referred to as their “yard” now welcomes visitors from April through October and has been identified as an outstanding example of regional modernist design that’s well worth preserving.  Read More »
Thrill of the Chases: Photo Gallery Ione and Emmott Chase's home in Washtington State was meant to be a simple place to retire, but tending the 4.5 acre "yard" became a passion for them both. Now, more than half a century later, it is an inspiration for all gardeners. Read More »
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Where Trees Grow Through the Ceiling in Singapore Located in a residential neighborhood near Singapore's main shopping street, the Elok House is a mirage. Leaves sprout from walls, floors yield to tall trees, and falling leaves collect on the kitchen floor, while the house's glass façade further dissolves the barrier between indoors and outdoors, urban and natural. Read More »
    Featured Partner: Sturdi-Built Greenhouse Manufacturing Company Company Sturdi-built Greenhouses has been building high-quality redwood and glass greenhouse kits for more than 50 years. We handcraft beautiful greenhouses using American-grown and American-made materials in our factory in Portland, Oregon. We are a small, family business, providing customized ... Read More »
Art & Botany: David Sims Roses In fashion models and roses alike, British photographer David Sims finds beauty in imperfection. His book features floral portraits with flaws. Sepia-tinged leaves, wrinkled petals, splayed anthers and dehiscent stamens—like the disheveled models, were it not for their imperfections, the rose portraits would not be nearly as memorable. Read More »
Take it outside Pine Hall Brick Company’s clay pavers are a good start for your outdoor room See more »
Peter Nadin: Farm to Canvas An artist harvests inspiration from his farm in upstate New York.    Read More »
Links We Love 12/31/2012 An indoor lawn at Cornell, Japan’s wisteria tunnel, a giant QR code.  Read More »
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