Sparked by shortening days, poinsettias burst forth with dazzling color just as the world outside turns gray and cold. 

For any garden anywhere, there’s a berry to suit the site. Read on to learn more about eight berry-producing plants. 

See how several designers artfully incorporate fire into landscapes to create relaxing outdoor retreats that are perfect for cozy autumn nights!

The Weekly Notebook

The Zen of Rock Balancing As it turns out, you don't need sleight of hand or even mud to design gravity-defying cairns. You do need a bit of patience, though, and a knack for "knowing the rocks," according to Michael Grab, an land artist who has been balancing rocks since 2008. He builds his sculptures with rocks from the natural landscape, usually alongside water. Rock balancing is an internationally recognized craft; Grab has been invited to design ... Read More »
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Dry Wit: Margaret Joplin's Southwest Hacienda Garden A garden in Patagonia, Arizona, takes the Southwest climate in stride Read More »
A Multifaceted Garden Mirrors the Wealth of Idaho Ecosystems A Zen garden in Sun Valley, Idaho designed by Native Landscapes kept wise water use in mind, as well as wildlife habitat and use of local materials. Read More »
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ASLA's 2012 Best Residential Landscapes Each year the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) awards professional awards to the year's best residential landscape designs. We have the winners from this year's competition, from a brilliantly reimagined former rock quarry (above) in Connecticut to a home in Mexico with spectacular outdoor rooms. Read More »
Eat, Play, Lounge See how seven designers created outdoor environments for everything from intimate dining nooks to kidcentric playscapes.  Read More »
Wine Country Gardens These California wineries grow more than just grapes Read More »
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Japanese Gardens for Today How to design a garden that is Japanese in spirit and serves contemporary tastes and needs Read More »
Vertical Gardens Vertical gardens have become incredibly popular, with versions created from succulents, air plants, and more, appearing all over the world. We take a look at some of the big names—Patrick Blanc, Flora Grubb, Wooly Pocket, and Michael Hellgren—behind the trend. Read More »
Urban Gardening: All You Need to Know to Get Started In a series of guest posts, San Francisco's Academy of Art University will lend its landscape architecture knowledge to Garden Design. Its second post provides tips on how to build an urban garden.   Read More »
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