An ecologically friendly Virginia garden sets the groundwork for a new approach to landscapes of enduring beauty. 
Learn about species rhododendrons, wild plants found growing naturally in the forests and mountains of the world.
View the gardens and public spaces designed by modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

The Weekly Notebook

Soil Artist Is Inspired by Playing in the Dirt Illustrator and photographer Sarah Rosado reveals the hidden aesthetic potential of soil.  Read More »
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Recycled Swank: Building with Bottles Inspired by ghost town bottle houses, the newest old idea in the modern landscape is building with bottles instead of recycling them.  One of the most doable ideas is creating built in seatwalls. Read More »
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Take a Closer Look at Your Food An upcoming exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden by photographer Caren Alpert shows images of common foods taken with an electron microscope. Read More »
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Downton Abbey-Inspired Garden Party Fundraiser The Massachusetts Horticultural Society's Garden to Table program is hosting a Downton Abbey-inspired Garden Party Fundraiser on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, at the beautiful Gardens of Elm Bank in Wellesley, Mass. Read More »
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Terrarium Necklaces Combine Jewelry-Making and Gardening Katie O’Dare creates micro-ecosystems you can wear. We recently discovered her terrarium necklaces on Facebook and wanted to more about them. Here is what she had to tell us about her unusual combination of jewelry-making and gardening. Read More »
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Peppers and Fire Nothing beats the flavor of a thick walled sweet pepper grilled to perfection.  When fully ripe, red bell peppers are sweet enough to eat out of hand, and when grilled they become the highlight of the meal.  When home grown, peak of sweetness occurs when green bells mature to bright red.  Pick them at the last minute to maintain flavor on the grill. When blackened by fire they are bright, beautiful and tasty. Virtually all peppers lend themselves to grilling, but sweet bell ... Read More »
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Summer Trees Make Me Feel Fine Find out about efforts to preserve at-risk trees across the world and get tips for caring for your own trees this summer. Read More »
Q&A with a Botanical Muralist We recently received photos from Kellie Cox-Brady, a botanical muralist in Ithaca, New York. With work so unique, we couldn’t pass up learning more. Read More »
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My Garden: A Lesson of Beginnings and Endings From a sprawling backyard garden to an urbane rooftop escape visible only to neighboring high rises, Lolita Aaron’s transformation from suburban gardener to urban gardener provides unlikely lessons in renewal and regeneration. Read More »
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Style Lessons from Miami's Coconut Grove Discover a few impactful things from these Coconut Grove houses to do in the garden that pay big style dividends. Read More »
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