Get an intimate look at plant hunter Daniel J. Hinkley’s personal six-and-a-half acre garden in Washington.   
This waterwise garden of mostly cacti, succulents, olive trees, and pepper trees can endure the heat without watering. 
There are eight main classes of begonia, encompassing all manner of size, color, and shape of flower and leaf.

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Art + Botany: Designer Pumpkins When leaves rustle and the wind howls, pumpkins become a favored medium for many artists. This gallery features artists with very diverse backgrounds—a musician, a sculptor, a forensic artist, and a farmer—and designs with equally different aesthetics, including pumpkins with flowers, pumpkins with dead musicians, and pumpkins with NYC pride. Check out these elaborate pumpkin carvings from six carvers—they're inspiring, scary, funny, and beautiful! See them all »
Modern Fire for Outdoor Spaces Forget the primeval campfire, and say hello to a modern experience of sitting around an open fire with family and friends. Paloform’s collection of fire pit designs offer sculptural shapes in simple vessels for contemporary settings. Here are seven ways to incorporate one in your backyard. Read More »
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Designing for Fireside Warmth: Tips for Outdoor Furnishings Now that it is past the autumnal equinox we begin to think of coziness and warmth as the days begin to get shorter and cooler. What better way to do that than with friends, sipping hot cider and devouring S’mores, around a beautiful fire pit or fireplace in furnishings that perform well despite fickle fall weather. Read More »
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Enjoy a Visit to the Succulent Café Stop in for a cup of coffee at a succulent fantasy land featuring a delightful array of plants all growing in unique containers, from old tennis shoes to hanging lanterns. This charming café may be one of a kind. Read More »
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My Garden: A Cool, Quiet Corner of the World To create the sense of a secret outdoor room, partners Robert Khazzam and Kevin Treanor planted a woodland garden, complete with a “forest floor” and a canopy of trees that provide deep shades of green and dappled sunlight in their private oasis. Read More »
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An Art Exhibit for Vegetable Lovers In a new series of portraits, called The Reaping, vegetables and fruits are used to represent human forms Read More »
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My Garden: From Folly to Fabulous After much trial and error, gardener Bonny McKeough finally achieves her dream of growing a magnificent herb garden. Read More »
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Creating Long-Lasting Floral Arrangements Floral artist Gaige Clark shares simple tips for displaying and preserving cut flowers Read More »
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park No trip to the Vancouver area is complete without a stop at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Those afraid of heights beware that this destination will push your limits. Read More »
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Steel Comes Home Palm Springs, Calif. is a Mecca of modern architecture from mid-century restorations to futuristic open dwellings. When fences, partitions and screens are called for, the traditional cedar board fence just doesn't fit into these landscapes. Read More »
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