Sparked by shortening days, poinsettias burst forth with dazzling color just as the world outside turns gray and cold. 

For any garden anywhere, there’s a berry to suit the site. Read on to learn more about eight berry-producing plants. 

See how several designers artfully incorporate fire into landscapes to create relaxing outdoor retreats that are perfect for cozy autumn nights!

The Weekly Notebook

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park No trip to the Vancouver area is complete without a stop at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Those afraid of heights beware that this destination will push your limits. Read More »
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Steel Comes Home Palm Springs, Calif. is a Mecca of modern architecture from mid-century restorations to futuristic open dwellings. When fences, partitions and screens are called for, the traditional cedar board fence just doesn't fit into these landscapes. Read More »
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The Art of Autumn A garden in Pennsylvania kicks into high gear just as the growing season winds down. See how flaming fall colors and tawny grasses exhibit the season’s remarkable changes in depth, texture and color. Read More »
Pebble Mosaic Walkways The design trend away from solid concrete to permeable walking surfaces has opened the door to  fresh paving options.  Smaller homes and yards make it possible to explore alternative, sometimes truly unique surfaces without breaking the budget.    Read More »
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The Magic of Mums For autumn color, chrysanthemums are showstoppers. They're the first choice of proud moms for homecoming corsages; their exquisite forms draw thousands to flower shows; and in the fall, they dominate prime counter space at garden centers.  Read More »
Visiting Butchart Gardens An American landscape designer takes a trip to British Columbia and shares his photos of Butchart Gardens, an abandoned quarry turned garden with enormous hanging baskets and impressive annual borders. Read More »
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Planters with Personality Kyle Hart’s handmade concrete pots and planters can be customized to enhance any garden space. Read More »
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It’s Officially Fall! The leaves are changing and gardens across America are starting to show off their red, orange, brown and golden hues. Here's a glimpse of what fall looks like in Chicago. Read More »
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The Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, Seattle The Elisabeth Carey Miller Botanical Garden, tucked away in a quiet suburb of Seattle, was carved out of native woodland on a rocky slope overlooking Puget Sound.  Read More »
2013 APLD International Landscape Design Awards See our favorites from APLD’s award winners, including the entry of APLD Landscape Designer of the Year, Paul Connolly. Read More »
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