Get an intimate look at plant hunter Daniel J. Hinkley’s personal six-and-a-half acre garden in Washington.   
This waterwise garden of mostly cacti, succulents, olive trees, and pepper trees can endure the heat without watering. 
There are eight main classes of begonia, encompassing all manner of size, color, and shape of flower and leaf.

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Italy: Green Terrace Roof Garden When landscape architect Gabriella Mazzola designed a roof garden for her clients atop a modern residential building in Italy, she understood why they asked for "a green oasis of relaxation.” Her gentle hand with a feel for fine-textured plants creates a remarkable transformation and allows light to penetrate while providing screens for backgrounds and privacy. This space features a dozen great ideas for adding warmth and contrast to cold hard surfaces. Read More »
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Botanic Notables: Quintessentially Mediterranean Quercus They're native to the Mediterranean, but for thousands of years Quercus suber, the cork oak has been an orchard tree in Spain and Portugal. It's easy to identify by the thick, deeply fissured, spongy bark which is the source of wine corks. The cork bark builds up over time to a layer up to a foot thick, then it's stripped away for harvest every ten years. Read More »
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Explore a Tropical Paradise See an amazing collection of palm trees, exotic flowering plants and vines, and lush rain forests at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Read More »
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