Designing a Luxury Rooftop Terrace

August 08, 2013
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Daniel Keeley, founder and principal of DK Design in Fayetteville, Arkansas recently redesigned two adjacent rooftop terraces on Fayetteville Square that exemplify urban outdoor living at its finest. Rooftop spaces present a unique atmosphere for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. Along with that atmosphere comes a unique set of conditions that impact the design and construction process. Here Keeley shares five considerations for homeowners who would like to transform their rooftop into a luxury living space.

Botanic Notables: Ornamental Kales & Cabbages

December 30, 2011
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Winter's cool handshake welcomes a number of hardy plants, including the many varieties of ornamental cabbages and kales (Brassica oleracea var. acephala, syn. Brassica oleracea var. capitata), which seem to be everywhere right now.

Art + Botany: London's Traffic Light Tree

September 23, 2008
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In the United States, it's a sycamore. Elsewhere, it's called a plane tree. But London has the only Traffic Light Tree. It is 26 feet tall, installed alongside two plane trees (Platanus × acerifolia), to replace one that was diseased, and died.