Links We Love, 7/25/12

July 25, 2012
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Tree house communities in Costa Rica, Cooking with Mario Batali’s chefs, Bananas in Paris, and more in today’s Links We Love!

Michael Greenwood, Tree House Builder

February 07, 2012
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Michael Greenwood is known for the bespoke furniture he creates in his Toronto studio, so it’s a bit odd to hear him talk about the features of his latest designs. There’s a slide that shoots its riders into a lake, a 50-foot chute that swirls from tree canopy to forest floor, and devices for climbing, jumping, and swinging for a boy with autism who loves to do nothing more. 

Botanic Notables: The Oldest Tree House

January 27, 2012
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One of the oldest treehouses in the world sits in a large-leaved lime tree (Tilia platyphyllos) in Shrewsbury, England. With its half-timber frame and tiled roof, the famous Tree House at Pitchford is a miniature version of the adjacent Pitchford Hall, an historic country estate.