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Art & Botany: East London's Pothole Gardener

September 20, 2012
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Four years ago, Steve Wheen began looking at potholes in his East London neighborhood a little differently. Naturally, they were a nuisance, but suddenly they also presented themselves as a vacant canvas in the urban monochrome. A pothole wants to be filled, but with what medium? He placed a few petunias in one pothole around the corner from his home. Blurring the distinction between protest and art, Wheen's little garden transformed the aesthetic of the neglected street, and drew attention to a community issue—in a charming way. 

Art + Botany: Moss Art

August 25, 2011
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Mosses are back. They were a fad in the late 19th century, when newly discovered plants were being carried across the globe, and Victorian gardeners and armchair horticulturalists enjoyed domestic dalliances by cultivating mosses in terrariums and mosseries. When the craze abated, though, mosses were more or less relegated to their natural terrain of forests and woodland landscapes.