Destination Nursery: Roger’s Gardens

August 02, 2012
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This family-owned establishment in the heart of Orange County has the distinction of being the “largest single-store garden center” in America in terms of sales. People come from near and far to buy the latest or best plants; for top-quality garden furniture, accessories and decorations; and because the large staff (80 full time) is really skilled and passionate about plants.

Getty Redux

July 25, 2012
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As anyone in Hollywood knows well, sequels often disappoint. To redesign and improve on success without gilding the lily is one of the great challenges in any discipline. So when the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles acquired the 20th-century sculpture collection of benefactors Fran and Ray Stark, and needed a place to show it, the museum wisely returned to Dennis McGlade, a partner at the Olin Partnership and the original designer of the Getty’s landscaping, for expertise.

This article appeared as "Empty Canvas" in the November/December 2011 issue.

It’s been cool in Los Angeles, but every few days Lari Pittman gets up early to turn on the sprinklers in Parque Oaxaca, the three-quarter-acre private garden he and his partner Roy Dowell have been building for nearly a dozen years. It’s mostly cacti and succulents, olive and pepper trees — drought-tolerant plants that can endure the heat without watering.

This article was first published in Garden Design November/December 2011