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Glass gem corn was bred years ago by a part-Cherokee farmer and master seed-saver. Yes, it's real, and, as an heirloom, its seeds will grow true. Today, glass gem corn seeds are saved at Seeds Trust, who anticipate more available next month. Glass gem is an extreme iteration of corn's natural tendency towards different-colored kernels, as each kernel has its unique genetic set for color and size. 
Greg White's amazing photographs of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, arguably the most important seed bank in the world, which is located in the deep, freezing interiors of a sandstone mountain, 810 miles from the North Pole.
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Far up north in Arctic, like Superman's Fortress of Solitude, is Norway's ultimate seed bank. Built to withstand any disaster, the seed bank was designed to store seeds from around the world. 
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Unseasonably warm weather has led to a prolonged summer harvest. Make the best of it by cooking up a spicy, delicious succotash. 
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These miniature faces are actually stuffed with organic herb and vegetable seeds, which can be harvested off each face within five days.
Victorian horticulturalists were quite interested in scrapbooking and gardening and their two interests were combined in the ephemera of seed company trading cards, some of which can still be found (and collected) today. With funny illustrations and silly advertising mottoes, these seed company trading cards are a peek into the gardens of the past.
The Hudson Valley Seed Library is looking for artists to be featured on their Art Packs for the next season.
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The mythologized coco-de-mer (Lodoicea maldivica) tree is a Seychelles Island native palm, and yields the largest seeds (weighing up to 30 kg) in the plant kingdom. The seeds also happen to resemble a woman's curves.
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