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There are over one hundred species of weaver birds, known for their gorgeous nests of grasses & textiles. 
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The Netherlands has a long history of going cuckoo for flowers (two words: tulip & mania), so its annual Bloemencorso (Dutch for "flower parade") should come as no surprise. Except that every float is beyond belief, and covered in flowers. The oldest and largest Bloemencorso began in 1936 in Zundert, where the only flower used are dahlias.
Bavarian artist Nils-Udo is known for his site-specific installations built in situ with local, natural materials—leaves, berries, hay, bamboo, flowers. His signature form is the Nest, which he has installed in locations around the world.
Xavier Dumont's resin & metal work is a lovely compromise between the controlled design of a grafted espalier and the natural contours of a twig, and it engenders appreciation for the beauty of both. The French sculptor's furniture pieces are on display in London and New York. 
Local native plants steal the show from a world-class collection of sculpture in the new park transforming Seattle’s shoreline.


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Artist Nic Bladen keeps plants alive forever.


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German artist Cornelia Konrads uses organic objects such as stones, sticks, and logs to build installations that are both natural and surreal. In her work, movement is a promise withheld.
London-based artist Zadok Ben-David makes flowers and trees out of cut metal, including his best-known pieces, which feature intricate flowers, modeled after Victorian illustrations.


From sculptures to water to landscapes, when art and nature meet, interesting things start to happen. 
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Artist Guy Laramée carves elaborate landscapes into old books—a whole new take on landscape design. 
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