Pruned and Other Favorite Inspirational Blogs

August 17, 2011
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As seen on the blog Pruned: an imagined greening of the Nevada desert.

Gardening Radio Shows

April 28, 2011
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Gardeners’ Question Time 

Format: Horticultural experts travel to a new locale in Britain each week to consult on gardening matters with a scarily informed live audience.

What you’ll hear: “Normally when I hear of sickly oleander, I immediately think oleander scale. But seeing how the leaf is nearly entirely silver, I can say it’s definitely red spider mite.”

Listen: BBC Radio 4 or at

The Best Sources for Buying Seeds

January 03, 2011
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Can you recommend some good sources for buying seeds and offer some tips for starting plants from seed? 

—Julia Tomer, Pittsburgh 

Your Garden Expertise Needed!!

December 20, 2010
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photo: Just Another Wrench CC License

Calling all gardeners! We need your expertise and authentic gardening experience. Send answers to any of your fellow readers' questions below to Your wit, whimsy, and advice will be considered for publication in our next issue. Have a question of your own? Send it to as well. 

Have an answer? We'd love to hear it:

Photo by: Saxon Holt

Lawn. Do you really need one? Grasses guru John Greenlee answers with a resounding no! "There is no doubt that lawn culture is not good for the planet," says John Greenlee, whose mission is to change how America gardens. "I really, desperately want to help America start making meadows instead of lawns." The American Meadow Garden: Creating a Natural Alternative to the Traditional Lawn (Timber Press) teaches you how. Says John, "There are no limits. You can do this anywhere."

More Outdoor Therapy

February 24, 2010
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All good things must come to an end — except when it comes to Outdoor Therapy, Luminaire’s once-provisional, now-permanent outdoor design showroom. Originally slated to close shop in November 2009, Outdoor Therapy will remain in its Miami Design District digs at least throughout 2010, and most likely beyond. “It’s so important to have outdoor living showcased well,” says Ann Hossler, showroom manager. Everything for open-air space can be found inside the 4,000-square-foot store, from the alfresco essentials — such as Paola Lenti’s brand-new Haven sofa — to the avant-garde embellishments.

20 UK Garden Shopping Hot Spots

December 14, 2006
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APPLEY HOARE, 30 & 30A Pimlico Road, Belgravia, London, SW1W 8LJ;, 020 7730 7070

ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE, Taddington Manor, Taddington, Nr Cutsdean, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5RY;, 01386 584414

ARTIFEX LONDON, Studio 22, The Sulivan Enterprise Centre, Sulivan Road, London, SW6 3DJ. By appointment only, 01904 675707

Treasure Hunting: 25 Great American Garden Shops

October 21, 2004
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When Garden Design was organizing its survey of great American garden shops, which we featured in our November/December 2004 issue, we found the bounty so large and so various, we decided to continue our listing with an additional 25 shops, cited below. Listed below, this new breed of shop now crisscrosses the country, designed to cater to the savvy and style-conscious gardener. And if you can't get there yourself, check out their websites. The virtual experience is clearly the next best thing.